Gel Manicure

Want a flawless finish with zero dry time? Want designs or intricacies, or a manicure that lasts for two weeks or more? Then you are likely a fan of a gel manicure. Here’s how to make the most of gel, for beautiful and lasting nails.

Gel 101

Whether you are new to the world of a manicure with gel, or you just want to learn more about it, here is a little Gel 101. Today’s gel nail polishes are a cousin to the gel nails that started in the 1980’s, as an alternative to acrylic nails. The harder gel polymers were used to create nail extensions, with a smoother finish and gentler removal than traditional acrylic nails. 

A hybrid technology emerged: mixing the hard gel extension polymers with the same polish base of traditional nail polish, creating a gel too soft to be a nail extension, but hard enough to last for weeks as a polish. Gel nail polish hardens with UV light. When applied correctly, it soaks off easily with acetone, wrapped in an aluminum foil and cotton to secure the soak.

Gel nail polish provides:

Gel Manicure Tips

Make the most of your manicure with gel, and your nails, with our pro tips.

Concerns about Gel

Gel polish has been safely used for decades, but here are some FAQ’s and solutions:

What if I’m concerned about UV exposure?

If you are concerned about the use of the UV lamp, consider applying a barrier sunblock (such as a zinc oxide formula) before your polish application step. You could also wear sunblock gloves, but cut off the tips.

What if my nails seem thinner or less healthy?

Take a break from nail treatment and allow your natural nails a recovery period.

What about the chemicals in gel polish?

            Opt for formaldehyde-free formulas, without the harsher chemicals in some gel polishes.

Get Your Best Nails Ever

We want to help you have beautiful, lasting nail polish, but also healthy hands and nails. Talk to a manicurist today to make a plan for your personal nail health and get your best nails ever!