Massage Boosters

A massage can be one of the most relaxing experiences, for an ultimate me-time moment in a hectic-paced world. But massage is so much more than just an hour or so of relaxation, it can enhance health in many ways. Combined with the right massage boosters and followed by good self-care, those health enhancements can have a lasting impact on your well-being. So here’s what you should know about making the most out of your massage experience, whether as a gift for a friend or a loved one, or for your own enjoyment.

Benefits of Massage

You probably know that a massage can help loosen tight, problem areas and provide deep relaxation, but the health benefits of massage are even greater.

These and many other benefits of massage have been well-documented in many cultures for centuries, but are all more accessible to you today than ever.

Preparing for your Massage

To make the most of your massage experience, you can prepare with a little research and safe-care:

Making the Most of your Massage

All of your preparation steps will help you make the most of your massage, but also consider a massage booster:

If you have never tried an amethyst blanket booster, you are in for a treat. Amethyst has been used for thousands of years as a crystal to align energies within the body. The heat and pressure of the blanket, combined with the restorative power of this natural crystal, enhance relaxation, relieve sore or strained muscle, and promote circulation within the body.

Effective After Care for Lasting Results

After that preparation for your massage, and then the incredible relaxation and restoration you feel afterward, you want those results to last. With a few simple measures, you can maximize those results.

  1. Follow any recommended advice from your massage therapist.
  2. Enhance your experience with additional services, such as a facial.
  3. Continue enhanced circulation and lymph function with plenty of water intake.
  4. Continue relaxation with ample good sleep.
  5. Eat well and get regular exercise.
  6. Make massage a regular part of your self-care.

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