Thai Fusion

Thai fusion is a very special type of massage therapy. It is more energizing and focuses on both standard massage techniques as well as Thai flexibility movements, which sets it apart from most other types of massage therapy. Many individuals liken it to the relaxing and energizing benefits of yoga, though the individual doesn’t actually have to do any of the work to go through the motions. This very unique and exact form of Thai massage can be wonderfully helpful in relieving headaches, particularly migraine headaches, as well as the discomfort associated with arthritis, sciatica and back pain. It can also help to improve blood circulation and the body’s ability to efficiently eliminate wastes and toxins.

Understanding Thai Fusion

When kept healthy and strong, the human body is actually an incredible machine that is capable of protecting itself from harm when possible and repairing itself when necessary. That said, many things in the world around us can affect the health and strength of our body, and therefore its ability to protect itself from harm and repair itself. Fortunately, there are many cases when stimulating the body’s energy levels and helping it to better eliminate harmful wastes and toxins through massage therapy can allow it to overcome environmental stressors. Massage therapy can also aid the individual in disconnecting from their normal, busy environment and relax more thoroughly so that their body can heal itself. Thai fusion is particularly adept at this.

It is believed that Thai massage was introduced over twenty-five hundred years ago in India by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, who was Siddhartha Gautama’s (Buddha’s) physician. When Thai massage made its way to Thailand, the Ayurvedic techniques were combined with some traditional Chinese medicine techniques. The focus continues to be the stimulation of proper movement, energy flows, and blood circulation all throughout the body.

Like most other massage therapies, Thai fusion involves the use of oils or lotions, with the individual dressing down to their comfort level. It starts with your standard custom massage, focusing on areas of tension, aches, or discomfort and then begins to incorporate Thai fusion positions. The massage therapist will compress, pull, rock, and stress different parts of the individual’s body in order to achieve the desired results, which include eliminating energy blockages and creating a better energy balance in the body. With their thumbs, palms, arms, elbows, and feet, the therapist helps to move the individual’s body through unique patterns. This allows the joints to open and the internal organs to receive the proper, gentle stimulation they need in order to work more efficiently.

This is a less vigorous style of Thai massage, as Thai fusion is done on a massage table or bed and the motions of stretching and manipulations are less severe than Thai massage. They will be moved through many yoga-like positions and will also experience some deep static and rhythmic pressures. The massage itself tends to flow along specific lines in the body and lasts for eighty-five minutes ideally as the individual’s fingers, toes, and ears are pulled, their knuckles cracked, their back stretched, and their body moved in fluid, exact positions while being the utmost professional and considerate due to the lack of clothing.

Benefits of a Thai Fusion Massage 

Thai fusion can result in a very deep and unique form of relaxation, as the body feels both stimulated and relaxed at the same time. Thai fusion allows for wonderful body stretching and the alleviation of many different kinds of physical pain, plus the familiar techniques of massage for a most serene experience. Many individuals who have received Thai fusion massage also feel that it can help to slow down the process of aging and provide many other wonderful benefits, including:

In order to get the most out of your Thai fusion massage, it is important to:

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